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Online Star Wars Games

There are a wide variety of star wars games out there that you can play online. I have only played one,, so I want you, the viewers, to let me know of what you think about other star wars internet games (not MINI-games, but full-fledged RPG sorta things)

Star Wars Combine

Though this game is a bit slow to start off with, if you stay with it long enough and do some role playing in their forums, it gets a lot better. You can become a member of any type of faction, from a banking faction to a body gaurding faction. It is free, but to sign up, you must have a payed email (like what your ISP gives you). This is to prevent mutiple accounts, but it still happens (though not as often as in most games...)

I also maintain a site that is devoted to Star Wars Combine, which you can visit by pressing the below link:

my SWCombine site