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WarMasters 2
WarMasters 2
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Taking command of your army, you give your trusted captains their instructions and disperse the meeting. You step outside the command tent to be greeted by the cheers of 100,000 men, a welcoming force in anywhere but here. You will need all your skill to survive this battle, as the odds are against you.

WarMasters2 allows you to take command of insane armies, advance through the ages, build a massive empire, and trade with allies and prosper. Are you up to the challenge?

WarMasters and WarMasters 2 were inspired by the best of online strategy games, WarCityOnline. Check it out by the link below:


WarMasters 2 is the latest in the WarMasters line. It is a new breed of strategy game, giving you a more realistic, statistical based view that is closer to what leaders see when commanding empires and kingdoms. Many new and amazing features have been added to this already wonderful game! Some of the most prominent have been included below:

Currently, WarMasters 2 supports the following features, with more soon to be added:

*support for 2 cities
*42 seperate ages
*5 different resources + population and happiness

WarMasters 2

Warmasters 2 v0.20b

WarMasters2 v0.19c

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